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Nowadays all companies must have presence on the internet and there is no way back in its use for any area of society, much less in the professional field. Any company or institution knows that its activity happens to have a presence in search engines, and this requirement entails having direct contact with a SEO agency Madrid that is responsible for making it visible and positioned as possible.

Within the broad strategies that make up the online marketing, the natural SEO position (Search Engine Optimization) occupies a place of first order because it executes the direct results in the web pages of the companies.

Our SEO agency, Ozono Comunicación, can take care of both the design and web development as well as the natural positioning of the web page, being a reference in our country.

Each step requires dealing with the different aspects of online marketing that a company or project on the internet may be needing. As each client is a totally different case, the SEO agency that studies your sector must differentiate each of the possible strategies to address the natural positioning of your website.

The SEO or organic web positioning seeks to influence in a natural and completely allowed way in the search results of the most employed engines, such as Google. This type of online marketing is the most used along with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and affects the visibility of web pages when search engines yield results.

posicionamiento seo

Our professional SEO specialists investigate each project in depth to establish their actions in each case. Since it is sometimes very clear the customer sector, its products or its services and it is easier to implement an appropriate strategy. But not all the cases presented are the same and therefore it is necessary to study the casuistry of each project.

How to establish a proper SEO strategy


It is not the same to establish the strategies for a footwear wholesaler as for an architecture studio, an online store that an editorial specialized in comics. Each sector, each web page, must be analyzed according to all its content and adapted appropriately to the motorization of the main internet search engines.

On the other hand, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) delves into such approaches and establishes ad campaigns (PPC) or pay per click through search engine platforms. This tactic pursues the same goal of increasing visibility using paid ads and allows you to analyze the results in more detail as well as better manage the data provided by your periodic reports.

The management of social networks of a website is a qualitative leap of vital importance. Many customers are asking for help for the SEO agency to work on this aspect because it is considered complementary to this strategy, so Ozono Comunicación will map out a 360 plan to cover all these aspects.

Overall, our SEO agency is dedicated to optimizing the website of its clients using numerous parameters, which must be aligned with the objectives pursued by the client or the company that hires him. To do this, it will use a variety of tactics, including the generation of appropriate content, obtaining the appropriate natural links and managing and creating customer profiles on relevant social media or social media platforms.

On the other hand, clients who seek help from an agency are requesting to position their project on the Internet with maximum visibility to achieve the best results. This is what is called web positioning, clearly linked to optimization and that seeks to generate more visitors, more traffic to your brand, your product or your services.

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SEO Web Positioning

They are the initials of Search Engine Optimization. The positions will be determined by a search algorithm and will depend on the quality and popularity of your website. Google will not be paid for clicks, therefore, visits will be unlimited. The time of appearance of your web will not be immediate, being able to oscillate between 1 and 6 months. This is because we will have to work on more than 300 factors by which Google rates a website

Why SEO ?

Recent studies reveal that approximately the first natural position in Google receives 53% of all clicks. Followed by 15% for the second position and 9% for the third.

1ª posición
2ª Posición
3ª Posición

Visits are unlimited

You do not pay Google for clicks

Improve your brand image

Monitor your visits

How do we work?


Intern facts | SEO On Page

  • + -

    Initial Situation Analysis

    Analysis of the most important parameters of SEO of the web page, to have a reference of the Web Positioning in a beginning and to analyze the evolution of the work realized by Ozono Communication
  • + -

    Keyword study

    Analysis and research of the most beneficial key terms, to capture the highest qualified and optimal traffic for the portal.
  • + -

    Ranking of previous positions

    Pre-check for keywords selected for the client’s website and pre-position on Google SERPs
  • + -

    HOME SEO optimization

    Analysis and Optimization of the most important SEO parameters of the Home Page, at the level of code and contents.
  • + -

    SEO Structure

    Page nested and optimized tag changes, meta tags and headers for all internal pages of the website. Hierarchy of pages.
  • + -

    Indexing Analysis

    Report on structure and programming of the website to facilitate better indexing of content by search engines.
  • + -

    Relevance study

    Optimization of texts and content parameters, to improve the relevance directed to the objective searches of the portal.

Extern facts | SEO Off Page

  • + -


    It is the strategy previously planned to get links that allow us to position our pages in search engines. Therefore, it is not a matter of getting many links quickly, but of getting quality and relevant links to the theme of our website, naturally over time, which will be done progressively so as not to run the risk of penalizing the website by spamming or inbound link growth incoherent.
  • + -

    Maintenance and monitoring

    The actions carried out in the SEO consultancy need to be monitored, monitored and adjusted based on the results obtained and the changes made by the competition, as well as changes in the algorithms of the search engines.

What do we do in the SEO Consulting?

Initial situation analysis: Study of the sector in terms of competence and profitability of organic positioning.

  • Keyword Research (análisis de palabras clave relativas al sector)
  • Number of Inbound Links (Backlinks)
  • Number of different domains providing inbound links
  • Study of keywords that provide qualified traffic to company portals
  • Search volume keywords
  • Number of results in SERPs
  • Competition study


SEO Consulting and On-page Optimization: Structure, Indexing and Relevance + Implementation of the changes.

  • Titles
  • Canonical URLs
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta-keywords
  • Meta-tags
  • Headings (h1, h2, h3)
  • Study of internal linking patterns and strategy creation
  • ALT titles and attributes in images
  • XML Sitemap
  • Penalties
  • Javascript, Cookies and CSS Analysis
  • Analysis of cloaking
  • Analysis of pages indexed by search engines
  • Analysis of pages with indexed duplicate content
  • Analysis of non-indexed pages
  • Optimization of Anchor-text or anchor texts
  • Social factors and other parameters
  • Checking URL’s for unique content
  • Duplicate Content Checking
  • Control and maintenance of Google algorithm changes. Search Engine Updates


Our plans

We understand that each strategy is different from another, depending on the goals set by the company to achieve the same.

The number of keywords or Keywords Matrix contracted indicates the guide to the start of the natural SEO positioning strategy, and we only use it to quantify the number of hours dedicated to positioning the site. SEO properly worked will cause the web to appear in Google SERPs for a number of Keywords greater than the contracted and will report qualified traffic. It’s what we call Longtail Keywords.

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