El poder del Social Media Management


With the launch of Campaigns in Social Media, we will increase traffic to the Web, improve the brand image and boost your presence on the Internet.

With the different actions and interaction with the users, we will obtain a reliable response to the opinion of our products and/or services.

For this, we will create profiles on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest.

We create your accounts in social networks, optimize them and carry out the whole strategy of communication and services. All this, integrated into a conception of online marketing as a whole, in which our common efforts and objectives have to come together.

The social networks contribute to the company dynamism, which increases the competitiveness, placing them at the same level as the big brands and with the immediate possibility of interacting with them.

How do we reach our customers?


Through the recruitment of fans or followers in the different social networks:

  • Through drawings in portals intended for this purpose
  • Inviting our friends and acquaintances via email
  • Launching Promotions and Post Sponsored
  • Through pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Sending mailings to your clients and companies from your BDD informing them of our presence in Social Media
  • Follow-up of social profiles
  • Activity and impact reports

How do we interact with them?

To collect feedback and achieve interaction with our fans or followers, the strategy must be simple and direct. In order to publicize the different products and/or services and to retain the users of social networks, we will execute the following actions:

  • Launching interesting content for our users, rewarding their fidelity
  • Creating and publishing news and post related to the sector, with up-to-date information on events, events, offers, promotions… And we will publish all that you provide us (press articles, news, photos, etc.)
  • We will respond to all comments from our users in real time
  • Creation of a blog, where we will write articles related to the sector
  • Opening a YouTube channel