“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

A web must have a main objective: to be an effective tool within the online communication strategy of the company that facilitates the achievement of its objectives (facilitate conversions, increase sales, obtain new clients, etc.).

This objective is achieved by properly combining an attractive web design with criteria of simple navigability and administration, as well as a correct search engine optimization strategy, adopting web 2.0 usability standards.

The web is many times the first card, one of the most powerful selling tools.

Why does your website need a good deisgn?


Having a quality web design is essential for the development of a brand. The brand is one of the most important visual and symbolic elements of any business and much more when this business is based on online activity exclusively or predominantly.

The website is often the first contact element with a potential client. The values that can be shown at that moment can be the key that marks the difference between success and failure.

  • 75% of users evaluate the credibility of a site based on web design.
  • 68% of the customers are wary of a site that does not look professionally designed.

Design , Development & Usability

In web design, usability is related to the ease of use of websites as well as the ability for users and visitors to browse in a practical, useful and simple way.

In order for an adequate usability to be available on a Website, which guarantees an excellent user experience, certain basic principles must be fulfilled.

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    Ease of learning

    It represents the ease with which new visitors develop an effective interaction with the website, being able to predict interactions and become familiar with them quickly based on their consistency and logical coherence.
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    Easy to use

    It represents the ease with which the visitor makes use of the website, with the fewest steps possible and in the most natural way possible, thus determining the effectiveness and efficiency of the website.
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    On the variety of possibilities that the visitor and the website can interact. This includes the different dialogs, the diversity of ways to perform the functions, the similarity with other features and the optimization.
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    It is the level of user support by the web platform that guarantees its reliability and availability online, facilitating the fulfilment of its objectives.

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