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Web development in Madrid is located among the broad spectrum of professionals in the capital who are dedicated to creating software that uses a web page. Both agencies and self-employed in the sector offer this service, closely linked to the web design itself.

Just a few years ago, web pages had a very complex and difficult development for their maintenance. Nowadays modern web development is made up of three layers or levels. On one side is the client application, the server and the database, and with them is architecturally built a page with all the structure that maintains its operation.

Create Internet involves being aware of the latest technology as it is a very dynamic field where advances make the difference and effectiveness in these creations..

For this reason, the agencies and professionals that offer web development in Madrid, worry about being implementing innovation in their jobs because the market keeps evolving.

Very recently, there was an explosion of creating apps, specific applications, very dynamic and interactive, to efficiently link consumers with their favorite services.

In the case of progressive web apps, which are actually websites that are taking shape in a mobile application.

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Programming is not exactly the part that most dominates a current user, but vice versa, an Internet consumer can create his profile to go to social networks and even design his website, but web development and programming is not in Its scope.

Programming languages are very important in building web structures. Providing geolocation, ability to do animation, transition, interaction, are all realities of great functionality for the current online marketing. And the road is still being explored, so those who are involved in web development in Madrid are already preparing for the next 2017 updates and their progress to continue creating for the network.d.

Pre-design making presentations, the step that walks along with web development, is part of every day of a web programmer

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The changes and disappearance of browsers to welcome others, is another news. The HTML5, CSS3 and JAVAScript media, previously supported by Microsoft Internet explorer in the Windows environment, have stopped doing this in this browser, to do it in Spartan, its new browser.

Or for example, Google’s big YouTube platform began to recognize the HTML5 language in their reproductions, something that brought about a huge change in the world of web development.

Implementing the language based on SVG was another recent news, and these elements, which have to do with the graphic elements such as the images, do not lose their resolution even if you modify their size to the scale you want. And besides, they allow to be animated, so the creativity here has no limit.

That is why it is easy for a web developer in Madrid to take care of the page design as well, but in reality they are two differentiated tasks and with their own action within the same creation. We could say that they are two sides of the same coin, and that programming and design are compatible but are not the same.

We can find a web developer in Madrid in specialized pages, agencies or also those seeking professional freelance clients, often post their messages on large video platforms where state their case as an expert and achieve orders creator or programmer.

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