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The society understood as an entity that is fed back in all the areas of which it is composed, would be the starting point to speak of social media in Madrid.

With the growth of virtual markets around the world, the rise of social media agencies in Madrid has not been expected too much. The demand of professionals who manage and advise companies that launch and continue their professional activity in the network obeys to this concrete need to understand how online marketing works and put it into practice.

But focusing on the location of the capital of Spain for social networks, the great virtual spectrum in which citizens move in the network, not only in Madrid but also everything related to the city and its characteristics, every company or business must have a channel of communication with its customers and potential in the so-called social networks.

It seems simple because very few people are left out of the use offered by these platforms, but nevertheless it is not equal to approach social networks as user and consumer, and therefore client, than as an entrepreneur of a certain sector.

As an Internet user, no one is thinking of a strategy that is none other than to satisfy their interests. Buying, informing, opining or entertaining are almost involuntary options in the common user, but influencing their decisions is the task of the entrepreneur and, in addition, the agencies of social media in Madrid that advise and advise their clients, companies or institutions.

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Administrative and government bodies, associations, foundations, financial, sports, religious entities and a long list of institutions and agencies have opened up channels of communication and feedback to citizens.

Users who are at once clients, followers, prescribers and consumers, all in one and exercising multiple actions on a permanent basis, make the virtual environment the largest platform of global activity.

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The changes and disappearance of browsers to welcome others, is another novelty. The HTML5, CSS3 and JAVAScript media, previously supported by Microsoft Internet explorer in the Windows environment, have stopped doing this in this browser, to do it in Spartan, its new browser.

Or for example, Google’s big YouTube platform began to recognize the HTML5 language in their reproductions, something that brought about a huge change in the world of web development.

Agencies help their clients manage their social networks by advising on the most appropriate platforms, what actions can be implemented and how they should be used to be effective. But his client wants to manage his profile for himself, they collaborate in his training with what is called mentoring.

In addition, they are in charge of creating the profiles suitable for their clients, analyzing the characteristics of each project and developing the appropriate strategies to create the target audience.

In all the actions they take, do not forget SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the other approach called SEM (Search Engine Marketing), both tools also facilitate the positioning in social networks.

The agency advises and develops advertising campaigns in networks, always with the focus put on generating benefits for its client, meter data that the client takes into account when continuing with a certain social media agency in Madrid or choose another outside of the capital, for example.

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